Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Dog Bed Cover, road-tested by Barkarama! have just road tested our latest product, the Dog Bed Cover.
It seems they liked it!  Check out what they thought -

The Dog Bed Cover was a product borne out of the invaluable feedback we receive from our customers, combined with our continuing efforts to be as environmentally aware as possible.

It seems that lots of us have an old duvet sitting unused in our attics / in trunks / under beds / stuffed down the back of wardrobes.  We wanted to make use of these duvets... so we created the Dog Bed Cover.

Why lug a new dog bed home when you already have an unused quilt squirrelled away that you could use for your pet's den?  The dog will love it all the more as it doesn't smell of a factory, but smells of their home. 
You are reusing and recycling goods that you already have and minimising the unneeded manufacture of brand new materials.  You are saving money and reducing CO2 emissions by cutting unnecessary shipping.

It's a winner all round!

The Dog Bed Cover costs £38.50.  It is fully machine washable & fits a regular single duvet.

There is currently only one design, but the range will be expanding very soon.  Expect some gorgeous prints for summer, all in limited editions for you to collect.

Photography by Nick Stevens

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