Thursday, 14 February 2013

St Valentine - patron saint of people with epilepsy

Today is one of my favourite days of the year.  St Valentines Day.

St Valentine is the patron saint of people with epilepsy, so he's my patron saint...

... and I love him.

So lets celebrate some epilepsy things...

First... the amazing Epilepsy Society who do so much work raising awareness and researching epilepsy.  Finding ways to make living with epilepsy better.

This week River Island are supporting Epilepsy Society by sending out a purple "Everyone Knows Someone" wrist band with all orders placed on their website, helping to spread awareness about the condition and support the fantastic work of Epilepsy Society.

Second... awareness.  I talk about my epilepsy a lot.  I think I get pretty boring about it, but my theory (and I'm sticking to it!) is that the more people who know someone who has epilepsy and isn't ashamed of it or what people might think, but who proudly talks about it and shares it, the more understood it will become.  

Also it is for practical reasons.  My seizures are triggered mostly by a line up of usual suspects - stress, not getting enough sleep, low blood sugar, nerves, alcohol, anxiety, maths/numbers, filling in forms... but sometimes they just happen for no good reason whatsoever.  The more people that know I live with the condition and what to do if I have a seizure, the more people can help me if I have one.  But more importantly, with 1 in every 20 people in the UK having a seizure of some sort during their lives, the people that I talk to will also be able to help other people in their time of need.

So today lets celebrate love, life and epilepsy.

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