Sunday, 3 February 2013

Photo Diary of our Spring Fair set up

I am exhibiting at Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham this week.   Creature Clothes haven't exhibited here for at least 8 - 10 years so it's very exciting to be back.
We will be at Spring Fair (a trade only show) until Thursday 7th Feb.

Here is my camera phone diary of set up...

Our very basic, very tiny space in the Design Lab.
Stage 1 - picket fence is in place!
my trade show box of tricks...
mountains of samples to squeeze into our space
"Our" issue of Vanity Fair... the highlight of our 2012 media coverage
The electrics go in...
The Easy Dogs get bandana'd up with our new Slip on Bandana designs
I always start with the central focal point of the stand - for this show it was the top shelf, Vanity Fair and new product
The Easy Dogs get tethered to the fence by their lovely stripey fabric leads
Our new Slip on Bandana packaging gets pride of place at the front of the stand alongside Emergency Treats Pouch & Valentines Key Tags

Bone Babies and Fur Friend Fleecy Blankets go in (top tip for a show: classic Oscar The Grouch style trash can or drums with lids make a great display plinth and are essential for storing coats in!)
And we're done!  Somehow, this took until 10pm on Saturday night...
The grey walls weren't ideal for us, there isn't enough light and the positioning of our sign isn't ideal (I tried to pull the sign off and place it higher, but it wasn't shifting...) but this was part of the package for the Design Lab and creates an excellent over all look and feel of continuity between the Design Lab exhibitors.  I love the half width side walls and the white display plinths and was thrilled to be using our picket fencing again - it creates a fun, doggy, outsidey kind of look.
Overall, I'm very pleased!

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