Monday, 25 March 2013

Where's Wally 5K Run in Victoria Park in aid of The Literacy Trust

Registering and collecting my "kit"
Kit on!  It was seriously cold.  Yes... that's snow on the ground.

Wally's and water

Team Creature Clothes!
Me and Coach Ben

Warm Up...

Alternative Warm Up...

And we're OFF!

My medal for completing the 5K. HOORAY!!!
Thank you so much to my wonderful friends and family for their epic enthusiasm, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsored me.  Together we raised £550 with an additional £122.50 in Gift Aid and the event has so far raised over £82,000 for The National Literacy Trust.

A mega thank you goes to Coach Ben for being the most awesome friend/coach and for being SO cheery when faced with my pathetic training times after 15 (20?) years of not having run further than a mile.

Thank you to Ruby T for spotting the poster in the park and for teaching me how to run, and to Juniper for chasing me to make me go faster!  To Goose for tripping me up on my training runs and to Stolli for her wholehearted lack of enthusiasm for leaving the house on cold mornings, making me weirdly more determined to go...

And last but not least, thank you to my darling husband Nick for his endless support, tolerating the 4am training runs, picking up the parenting slack and for taking these photos.

The last run I entered I got so nervous that I ended up having a seizure during training which mildly fractured a bit of my spine.  I had to drop out of the run and kind of banned myself from doing anything similar again.  This was a little step in the right direction towards moving on from the fear of seizures and epilepsy and getting on with my life.

10k next...

for more information on living with epilepsy

Photos by Nick Stevens:
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