Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dog Poo!

I was ambushed this morning while walking my dog (in a nice way...).

A lady came running over to me as I picked up my pooches poop, and asked if she'd just seen right - had I just picked up my dog's poo?

"Yes" I said.  I had.

She then thanked me.

This has never happened before.  I was expecting a morning tussle and some verbal over dog ownership in the city.  But she had just thanked me.  She. Thanked. Me.


Has the doggy-doo situation got so bad that people who pick up their dog's poo are in the minority?  Just one unpicked poo goes a looooong way - especially when it's being walked down a pavement.

The situation has got particularly bad recently.  It seems that no London street is without the mark of unresponsible dog ownership, and the parks are pretty grim too.  All of this was brilliantly covered by Ben Fogle, a man who knows his dogs, in his article for The Telegraph a little while ago which you can read here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/pets/9834755/Dog-owners-foul-behaviour-stinks.html

So following Ben's lead I have tweeked our Emergency Treats Pouch which is part of the range we make in collaboration with Ben - the Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection (he's the Fogle, I'm the Pole).  The treats pouches will now come not only filled with bone biscuits, but with some poo bags too.  

What goes in... must come out... and then be picked up.

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