Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jubilee Celebrations, canine style

 I'm loving all the red, white and blue popping up everywhere in preparation for the Jubilee Celebrations.  Here are some cool ways for your pets to join in with the fun, selected from the Union Flag Goodies section of the Creature Clothes website.  

Creature Clothes Bone Babies - the squeekless, eco aware toy.  We fill our Bone Babies with our fleece offcuts to minimise our waste.  These Union Flag Bone Babies are popping up all over Cannes this week as part of the Palm Dog Awards for best dog in film!

Creature Clothes Slip on Bandanas - just slide on to your dogs collar for immediate cool!

Fabulously squidgy, machine washable, hand made in the UK, these floor cushions 
are simply awesome.

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