Monday, 21 May 2012

Chelsea Art

One of my favourite places in London is the Chelsea Arts Club.  
Whereas the cool kids were off clubbing properly, I was to be found here mis-spending my youth in an alternative fashion, mooching around with artists, designers and all sorts of crazy Chelsea dudes.  
It was once described as the last true bohemia in London.  Pretty accurate I think.
Every party that the club throws is epic, the Summer Ball and the New Years Ball being the highlights... even the outside of the club gets painted.  The bike looks so perfect there too.

The other lovely thing about going to the Chelsea Arts Club is the walk down the Kings Road, bringing back memories of getting hitched at Chelsea Registry Office, and window shopping in Green & Stone.  Being a HUGE Herge fan, this evening I was particularly thrilled to see my old pals 
Tintin and Snowy in the window.

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