Wednesday, 12 September 2012

National Puppy Awareness Week

This week is National Puppy Awareness Week (8 - 15th September), run by The Kennel Club.  They aim to cut the number of puppies and dogs ending up in rescue homes following people buying the wrong dog for their kind of life.

I am very lucky in that I have had dogs and cats all of my life, and having worked for myself since I left school my dog has alway come to work with me.  It is essential that before getting a dog you thoroughly research the different breeds.  More importantly thoroughly look at your own life and ensure you can enrich your dogs life as much as they will enrich yours.  

I am a huge fan of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and their rehoming process.  They ensure that the correct animal is going to live with the correct family.  If buying a dog from a breeder, you must do this for yourself.

This week I will be fondly remembering the chaos brought to my house when my dog Vodka had 12 KC registered puppies in one litter.  A magical time, but my life totally stopped for 10 weeks as I had to help Vodka to raise the puppies - bottle feeding them every 2 hours, weighing them, cleaning them... babies were a doddle after 12 puppies!  I like to think that Vodka returned the favour when I had my first child by making sure all scraps of food dropped by the baby were quickly hoovered up...

Puppies grow up fast, and the cute little bundle curled up in your hand as a baby very quickly gets larger...

Stolli when she first opened an eye at about 10 days old.... 
... and a few years later on holiday with us, thanks to the Pet Passport Scheme

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