Friday, 28 September 2012

Children's Notebook in The Telegraph

I just got a sneak peak of The Children's Notebook in The Telegraph on Saturday, and WE'RE IN IT!!!

Thank you very much to Daisy Bridgewater and her dogs and children for fully understanding where we're coming from and what we do.  I often get told I'm insane when asked what I do... the concept of kids and their pets wanting to wear the same thing is a bit off the wall, but in our house it's the norm.  Not sure what that says about our house though!  

Today the girls and the dog have decided to wear blue and white stripes - they're working the Breton look... yes, it's nuts here.

We can't wait to see it in print on Saturday...

... until then, here's a link to the article on line:

to see the full kids collection, go to & click on KIDS!

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