Monday, 18 June 2012

School Walk Stencils

I love our daily walk to school each morning.  

The element of never-being-quite-sure-if-we're-going-to-get-there-on-time-and-in-one-piece that comes with walking down East London streets with 2 racing pre-school kids on scooters and a dog on a lead. 

The thing we all really love about the walk to school is seeing what's new on the walls each morning.  My current obsession is spotting these really clever pieces - bats flying out of a broken gate, giant ants creeping out of cracked plaster work, jet-washed(?) birds by the tube station.  I particularly love "our" turquoise pidgeon - he marks the end of our scooter race track and the start of Bird Poo Corner. 

A new one popped up this morning, but the thing about this stencil street art is that I'm never sure if it's new or was there all the time but I've only just noticed it as it's so subtle.

I have no idea who does them (a novelty round here where most graffiti is done in day light hours), but I love the kookieness and left-of-centre thinking that has gone into creating them.

This morning's surprise
Bats on Swanfield Street, London
Shoreditch High Street Tube
A close up of the birds - how did they do it?!?
Ants breaking free of crumbling plaster in Club Row...
... and heading off for a cocktail at Lounge Lover
"Our" turquiose pidgeon at Bird Poo Corner

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