Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Palm Dog Victory Parade for Smurf

We had a rather fabulous day last week when we gathered in Covent Garden for the Diamond Jubilee Palm Dog 2012 Winners Parade.  And jolly fabulous it was.

The Diamond Jubilee Palm Dog Ceremonial Collar, and in the background the Diamond Jubilee Palm Dog Rickshaw awaits!
I had the HUGE honor of doing a bit of Rickshaw interior design for the event... stringing slip on bandanas together to make doggy bunting and blitzing the carriage with canine red, white and blue.  We used a Fur Friend Fleecy Blanket on the seat to make sure Smurf the winner was kept warm and brought along a Union Flag Dog Doza bed to ensure his regal comfort.

Smurf himself was a diamond, keeping everyone entertained with his tricks and pure adorableness.

Smurf and his human co-star in "Sightseers" Steve Oram paraded around Seven Dials in Covent Garden and then on to Tatty Devine in Monmouth Street, who were the HQ for this fabulous get together after creating the human winners medal necklace, and very kindly asking us to get involved to deal with the doggy awards.

Cheering from the sidelines were Sightseers director Ben Wheatley, Palm Dog founder and organiser Toby Rose and a posse of film crews and media.  The BFI were there to tweet the event and it may even feature in the extras of the Sightseers DVD.

A terribly exciting day for one and all.  I got a little snap happy so below is a photo diary of the day. 

Hurrah and Happy Diamond Jubilee!!

The bedecked Rickshaw, festooned in Union Flag Slip on Bandanas made into bunting, a Fur Friend Blanket, many British Bone Babies similar to the ones that became something of a Palm Dog mascot in Cannes, popping up in all sorts of fabulous pictures) and Smurfs Winners Cushion

Smurf limbers up before his victory parade, delighting passers by with his many tricks and skills.
Here he is crossing and uncrossing his legs... 
... a bit of sitting up and begging...

...a little handstand for the cameras...

... and a little paws for thought (cliche) before getting aboard his Rickshaw

Smurf looking regal in his Palm Dog Ceremonial Collar before the procession begins
The Rickshaw and winners arrive at Tatty Devine amid the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden

Photo call for the stars of the movie


EVERYTHING got decorated...
Mr Toby Rose, the man behind the Palm Dog Awards with Sightseers director Ben Wheatley and Diamond Palm Dog Winner Smurf who played Banjo in the film

Creature Clothes & Tatty Devine try to steal Smurf under the guise of having our photo taken with him and our handiwork...
Tatty Devine in Monmouth Street who very kindly hosted the Palm Dog Victory Parade

The champers starts to flow and I start taking photos of my very patriotic shoes and pedicure... and Smurf...

One last cuddle with the gorgeous little thing that is Smurf - officially the most well behaved and adorable dog I have ever met (Stolli is going to disown me)
And it's off home for Smurf in his Ceremonial Collar, Union Jack Dog Doza under an arm.
Goodbye Smurf!!

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