Sunday, 22 June 2014

Boris, OBE - Police Horse of outstanding bravery

Police Horse Boris and his PC Tony

I had the great fortune to meet an amazing Police Horse today - Boris, OBE.

He was out patrolling the Arnold Circus Midsummer Picnic and saying hi to the local children with PC Tony on his back.  Boris is 21 years old and has been a Police Horse since he was 4 years old.

Last week Boris received the PDSA Order of Merit (the animal equivalent of an OBE) for his bravery in the 2011 London riots, showing leadership and fearlessness, and giving his fellow police horses confidence in a terrifying situation - leaping over fire, through smoke, rioters and missiles.  He worked a 26 hour shift when the riots erupted, only stopping for 20 minute water breaks.  All of the police horses involved were near exhaustion once the rioting was over.

A little bit of youtube research, and you can see Boris leading his fellow horses in many a situation, from the riots, to official royal escort duties.

Most touching is this video of Boris where he is described by PC Paul Copeland
 on Wetnose TV, who's founders Gavin and Andrea we met at the London Pet Show earlier this year before they flew off to Romania to continue their devoted animal welfare work.

Our Creature Clothes stand at London Pet Show even pops up on one of their videos as a backdrop to Ben Fogle's interview and pledge of support for Wet Nose Day at the show.

Arnold Circus Bandstand
A glorious day and a very special encounter with a very special horse.

Thank you Boris.

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