Monday, 7 October 2013

Going Back To My Roots

Before Creature Clothes, I used to design and hand make greeting cards, making them primarily out of waste paper - we were called Scrap Ltd.

I have always loved working with paper and card, I find it a bit magical.  I worked on some truly awesome projects for amazing people from Virgin Records to Aveda to Liberty who were my first customer and really helped me to develop my ideas and style.  My cards were featured in an exhibition at the V&A and are now in their permanent collection.  Another major highlight was designing the greeting cards to accompany the Sensation Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, when Damien Hirst's Shark (The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living) was unleashed on London and the World.

A friend has recently set up a shop selling beautiful Argentinian Candles in Edinburgh, and asked me if I would make some cards for her shop.

It's been a long time... but MAN WAS IT FUN!  I love making cards, and I love the journey the card goes on - handmade with love in our workshop, being selected and bought, then being given or sent with love.  I love it love it love it.  I had forgotten just how much.

So here is the journey of making this one off order, and a little behind the scenes peek at what we used to get up to in the Greeting Card Days.

Maybe we'll add a mini selection to Creature Clothes People soon...

but for the time being, they are available, very exclusively at: 

30B Raeburn Place

The knives drawers - I design the shapes and then have the knives made to my design

Stars stars stars - for me, it's always about stars!

"The Machine" - our hydraulic clicker press

Chomping out trees...

I love these guys, though they take forever to make - the snowmen are velcro so you can reposition them on the velcro snow

The Christmas Collection

Our classic everyday bestsellers.  I love these cards!

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