Friday, 7 December 2012

The Making Of... The Fido Awards Ceremonial Dog Collars!

The Fido's are coming to town this Sunday December 9th and I can't wait!

Awarded to the most outstanding performances by dogs in film, this 6 category contest is organised by the same mad genius who brought you The Palm Dog Award from Cannes (I salute you Mr Toby Rose!).

After the success of our Jubilee Palm Dog creations (that turned up in the hands, mouths and round the necks of Cannes' thespian finest) we were once again asked to create something fabulous for the winners in each category at this year's Fido's.  the categories:

Comedy Canine
Historical Hound
Rom Com Rover
Mutt Moment
Blockbuster Bowser
Best In World

 A challenge... but an exciting one.

Here's what I got up to...

My notes from our initial meeting, outlining the categories and the colour & feel for each category

Prepping the collar blanks at our beaten up leather working bench.

Cracking open the Swarovski Crystals and heating up the crystal gun...

Paints, studs, logos, categories... the board is set to get creating.  The start of a long night.

We decided that hand painted collars were the best way forward.  I first painted on the lettering freehand, then outlined it in a second colour to bring that Beano/Viz/Cartoon-y vibe.

3 down... 3 to go!

I was worried at this point - the Mutt Moment collar looked very wobbly (too much coffee methinks).  The moment it was outlined it became my favourite of the lot.

A rare moment of quiet concentration!

Painted, outlined, studded, sparkled, buckles fitted, dee rings riveted and we're ready to go!  We can't wait to see who ends up taking home these one-of-a-kind collars
Check back in tomorrow to see the finished awards... and log in on Sunday to see the winners!

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