Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I Like To Make Stuff... Kids chairs our of boxes

I had a speedy trip back to the Creature Clothes workshop over the weekend, kids in tow.  My little girls have a desk in our office that was mine when I was little.  But there was only one of me and there are two of them - we had a chair emergency.

So... it was time to make one!

We thought the result was pretty awesome - basic, but awesome.

Here's how to make your very own Cardboard Box Kiddie Armchair

1. Take one empty cardboard box, sealed at one end, open at the other.
A nice sturdy one is best

Being very careful, cut halfway down 2 sides, on each side,
as in the diagram below

Always be careful of your fingers when using a
cutting knife - this part should not be done by children

This is where to cut into your box

Push the first flap in - the inner turn over of the box should pop down to support the seat

Push the top flap in to create the back of the seat

And there we have it!  A pretty cool little mini armchair!

Just add one small person!

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